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Best Check Scanners for Property Managers

Property managers know the hassle of cashing checks — from the daily trips to the bank to the risk of check fraud, there’s no shortage of work when managing an apartment complex, condo community or commercial office building. Thanks to recent technological advances, check scanning solutions are becoming more available to the everyday property owner, opening up new opportunities to improve check cashing efficiency and safety.

If you’re looking to make your job easier, take a look at the best check scanners for property managers.

imageFORMULA CR-120 Check Transport

Enhance traditional check processing with the easy-to-operate, compact Canon imageFORMULA CR-120 check transport. With high-speed, high-quality, precise processing capabilities plus reliable item handling and other useful features, the CR-120 check transport can help promote adaptability and productivity for financial applications.

Replacement for CR-50 check transport. For added convenience, CR-120 with MSR check transport (MSRP: $1,085) is also available which includes the Magnetic Swipe Reader pre-installed.

Ideal for smaller documents and paper checks, the CR-120 is perfect for property management companies, large or small, helping to decentralize and advance traditional check processing, improving their overall payment system.

With the Canon imageFORMULA CR-120 Scanner, you also get:

    • Built-in automatic document feeder (ADF)
    • Compact check transport scanning type
    • Scanning resolution of 600 DPI

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The Panini Vision X®

Vision X check scanner offers best-in-class reliability and lowest total cost of ownership for distributed check capture based on our core competencies of system scalability, MICR read accuracy, superior image quality, smooth document handling, and professional service, coupled with a modern, ergonomic and accessible design, and quiet operation. The Vision X helps Financial Institutions take full advantage of image based check truncation (Check 21 in the United States) in teller or branch applications, by lowering their operational costs and enhancing the customer experience. It is equally efficient in Remote Deposit Capture applications, and in processing non-check documents such as utility bills, meal vouchers, coupons and more.

When used for teller image capture (TIC), the Vision X’s vast array of processing features can be further enriched with the addition of the Panini ScanStation and/or our other multi-function hardware modules, which provide a number of complementary functionalities for teller and office use, while preserving ergonomics, footprint and integration.

The Vision 1 single feed version is the latest addition to an outstanding product suite: a solid, no-frills, high value model with simplified mechanics, even easier maintenance and increased cost savings, for small volume capture scenarios (such as small business RDC) where legislation, compliance requirements, or the Financial Institution’s preferences impose the use of rear physical item endorsement.

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Panini I:Deal

Hailed as a breakthrough check scanning solution because of its remote deposit capture (RDC) capabilities, the Panini I:Deal is perfect for smaller property management companies. Panini patented their specially designed RDC technology that offers high-quality dual-sided image capture, document franking and advanced reading capabilities in the areas of MICR and OCR.

With self-adjusting abilities, the Panini I:Deal provides an optimal user experience in the wide variety of circumstances encountered in property management RDC implementations. Through it’s pocketing feature, the I:Deal reduces paper handling, provides document storage and ensures transaction sequence integrity. Overall, this is the optimal combination of low total cost of ownership and professional quality in a user-friendly package.

With the Panini I:Deal, you also get:

  • Single feed with automatic alignment
  • Intelligent (selective) franking option
  • Integrated stacking pocket or return to feeder
  • Exclusive customer services from Panini

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TellerScan® TS240

The TellerScan TS240 teller capture scanner is Digital Check’s workhorse check scanner for the teller window or high-volume remote deposit capture environments. Powerful enough to handle large stacks of documents, and affordable enough for small businesses, the TS240 remains the most popular and versatile check scanning device in our lineup.

If you’re looking for something beyond a single feed check scanner, the TellerScan TS240 provides the lowest-priced entry point into the realm of multi-feed, high-speed check scanning. With the capacity to handle stacks of up to 100 checks and documents, it saves time and improves the user experience.

As our most popular multi-feed scanner, the TS240 focuses on a simple, durable design that delivers extreme reliability and a superb maintenance record. It was designed for easy operation, is simple to maintain, and is compatible with a series of modular plug-ins for card reading and receipt printing.

Over the years, we’ve increased the throughput of the TS240 with speeds of up to 150 documents per minute, added easy-to-clean polymer rollers, and a package of image-capture and enhancement software to produce the clearest images possible. The TS240 is the scanner of choice of many of the largest banks around the world.

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If you’re a property manager, and none of the above scanners seem to fit your role, give BankSystems Marketing a call today. We’re the premier supplier of check scanners for property managers. Contact us today to see how we can help pair you with an ideal device.

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