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A Complete Guide: How to Clean Your TellerScan TS240

Whether you’re a property manager or a bank teller, The TellerScan TS240 by Digital Check is one of the best small batch scanners on the market. To keep your scanner healthy and your finances “in check”, make sure you’re conducting regular, proper cleanings of your TS240. Most providers recommend cleaning your scanner it every 2,000-8,000 scans.

If you’re looking for information on how to clean your Digital Check TS240 check scanner, keep reading to find out more!

Cleaning Your TellerScan® TS240

As the best-selling batch-feed scanner ever, the TellerScan TS240 is useful in several scanning environments – from remote deposit capture to teller capture to branch back counter capture. Over time, ink, dirt, dust particles and more collect on the scanner rollers and in the document track. Clean this scanner regularly and you’ll avoid headaches like jams, while improving image quality and MICR read rates. Here’s how:

Cleaning the TS240 Camera Glass

If image quality is becoming worse, you will need to clean the TS240 camera. To clean the camera, use a clean cloth to wipe the camera glass. Be cautious – don’t scratch the glass or else you could ruin the camera.

Accessing the TS240 Camera

To access the camera, remove the “Center” and “Outer” covers (detailed below). Once they’re removed, locate the blue “Camera Door Latch” and the tab that sticks out of the latch to unlock the camera door assembly. Delicately open the camera door once you have it unlocked. With the camera door open, locate a white strip behind the glass, which is the camera. Again, be careful of scratching the glass when accessing your scanner’s camera.

When you’re done, squeeze the blue tabs together until the camera door has clicked and closed completely. If your camera door isn’t closed properly, image quality will suffer.

Lock the camera door by pinching the lower part of the camera assembly together. Press on the area of the door that has the blue dot. The ‘Camera Door’ will “click” into place and should not move or feel loose.

Cleaning the TS240 Drive Rollers

Before you start to clean the drive rollers, use a scanning application to start the scanner motors so that the rollers turn during the process. Using a cleaning card, slide it into the entry tray and hold onto the card in order to clean the two “Entry Drive” rollers. Continue holding the card, ensuring it does not progress into the scanner. Following that, feed the cleaning card through the scanner another six to eight times. Give the card a chance to scan the entire way through, turning over the card to a clean side between cycles.

Cleaning the TS240 Drive Rollers Using a Cleaning Swab

To get a more thorough cleanse, use cleaning swabs to clean the drive rollers of your TS240. You don’t need to do this every time, just every few cleaning cycles. Again, use your scanning application to start the scanner motors so the rollers turn during the cleaning process.

Begin by using a cleaning swab on the two “Entry Drive” rollers and the four “Main Drive” rollers, as well as the “White Plastic Guide” rollers. See the ‘Accessing the TellerScan TS240’ section for additional information on how to open up and access the scanner. Discard the cleaning swab(s) after use.

Accessing the TS240 Internal Document Path

To get to the driver rollers, you’ll need to access the internal document path. The TellerScan TS240 has two covers, the “Center” cover and “Outer” cover. These can be removed separately or together by pulling up on the covers.

Cleaning the TS240 Track Rollers

To clean the TS240 track rollers, you’ll need a cleaning card. After removing the cleaning card from the pouch, use your scanning application to initiate a cleaning cycle. Once it’s begun, hold the card steady, about a half-inch into the track for four to five seconds, to clean the two separator rollers. Release the card and let it progress through a cycle. Repeat this process over and over again five to ten times. When you’ve finished, click the clean button to disengage the track rollers. Wait 60 seconds for the rollers to dry before launching your application and resuming scanning.

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