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Digital Check – Burroughs Merger

Digital Check Corp recently acquired the SmartSource, Elite™, Quantum DS™, and ReceiptNow® family of products and its supporting people formerly supplied and employed by Burroughs Inc. As the division is integrated into Digital Check’s operations, two of the leading innovators in the check scanning industry come together, combining their efforts to provide newer, faster and better technology.

The acquisition boosts the product line offerings from Digital Check and supports its international network of partners through proven, innovative financial equipment. With their reputations tied together, they now have a sturdy foundation from which to build the products that will surpass the market competition.

History of Burroughs Corporation

Founded in 1886 as the American Arithmometer Company and later renamed, Burroughs Corporation grew into one of the largest business equipment manufacturers in the United States. The company’s history has paralleled many major advancements in software engineering, and was one of the largest producers of mainframe computers in the world at its peak.

Along with tech-giants like IBM, Honeywell, General Electric and Digital Equipment Corporation, Burroughs was among the nine major computer companies in America during the 1960s. While they were always coming in behind IBM in terms of market share, Burroughs managed to stay ahead of the pack, offering superior computing hardware like printers, disk drives, tape drives, computer printing paper and typewriter ribbons.

One of their biggest innovations came over half a century ago. Teaming up with the Federal Reserve Bank, Burroughs developed the computer processing algorithm for magnetic ink character recognition (MICR), which continues to be in use for check processing to this day. Burroughs made special MICR/OCR sorter/readers which attached to their medium systems line of computers which established them as a leader in computer banking technology.

Other notable innovations include:

  • Introduced in 1961, the Burroughs large systems machines were the first devices in the world to use a virtual memory multi-programming operating system. The underlying architecture that made up these machines, the B5000 series up to the B7700 series, is still employed today in the Unisys ClearPath MCP line of computers. Computer scientists consider these machines technologically groundbreaking in that the command interface developed Work Flow Language, a practice that helped shape modern computers.
  • As a manufacturer of military computers, Burroughs produced what is considered by some scholars as the first multiprocessor computer. The D825 (“D” meaning “defense”) was one of the most powerful computers in the world in the 80s.
  • Burroughs jumped into the personal computer market in 1982 with their B20 and B25 lines that ran Intel chips and the BTOS operating system. These computers implemented a Local Area Network which shared a hard disk between workgroup users as an early form of Internet.

About Digital Check

Digital Check provides premium check scanners and document capture products for teller capture, branch automation, remote deposit capture, and remote lockbox applications. Digital Check’s TellerScan®, CheXpress®, BranchXpress®, and SB™ electronic scanners are reliable and cost-effective, and provide high-quality images with precise MICR accuracy.

Digital Check was founded in 1959 as Microseal Corporation to assist the way companies were managing, storing and accessing important data on microfilm. Throughout the 60s and 70s, the company sold millions of their proprietary aperture cards to an international network of distributors and resellers. Microfilm storage remained the primary method of archiving important data, as well as the core business of Microseal well into the 1980s.

In 1988, Microseal entered a partnership with Data Conversion Inc., as they both looked for ways to evolve with the digital trends of the market. The partnership ended up being so lucrative that Microseal fully acquired the assets of Data Conversion Inc. the next year. Today, the company formerly known as DCI provides the bulk of Digital Check’s manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

After Digital Check acquired the SmartSource division of Burroughs in 2016, they’re now able to combine their computer innovations with those of Burroughs to create offer the best technology on the market.

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