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5 Ways Teller Capture Improves the Customer Experience

In today’s world, where infinite knowledge is just a finger swipe away and patience wears thinner by the second, providing customers with more accessible and convenient banking options is a top priority. However, creating a faster and more efficient method of check processing doesn’t have to mean eliminating personal interaction between tellers and customers. In fact, more and more financial institutions have switched from general branch capture services to teller capture methods over the past five years, and have therefore experienced a variety of improvements that enhance customer service. If you’re still not convinced that teller capture is the most efficient source for check processing, take a look at these five examples that detail just how this revolutionary banking method can improve your customer’s’ experience:

Teller-Customer Interaction

One of the initial hesitations when it came to implementing teller capture was the concern that requiring tellers to simply scan checks at high volumes would drastically reduce interaction with customers. Surprisingly, the opposite has proven true, as banks have learned over time that if tellers only have to focus on scanning the checks through the technology, they are free to engage in customers, spending the time during the transaction to socialize or answer other questions customers may have. This development has been referred to as “heads up” telling, where eye contact is established and attention is captured, as opposed to “heads down” telling, when a teller is solely focused on processing the checks manually. This approach also allows tellers to inform customers about the latest developments or opportunities within their financial institution, providing clients a chance to walk away from their banking experience learning something new and useful.

Eliminating The Hassle

Teller capture has also done wonders for reducing the amount of items and documents that many customers find unnecessary or flat out irritating. For starters, any accidental banking inconsistencies on behalf of the customer can instantly be corrected, meaning potential depositing errors will quickly be caught by the teller in the presence of the customer. On the environmental side, teller capture does away with all the paper receipts and forms generally associated with capturing check images, allowing customers to virtually track their receipts and not worry about hanging onto any documents. When you take the hassle out of banking, customers only become more inclined to visit your financial institution, meaning better business for everyone.

Real-Time Processing

Another one of the bigger complaints with branch capture was the common delay in check processing. Branch capture typically caused checks to pile up and not be process until the end of the day, resulting in the transaction taking one to two business days to clear. With teller capture, the check is instantly processed with the customer present, so there’s no doubt what time the transaction will go through. This makes it easier for customers to make their payments on time and not worry about any unpredictable business day deadlines.

Cracking Down on Fraud

Perhaps the biggest fear customers have with their financial institutions are any signs of fraud going undetected. With teller capture, all transactions can instantly provide tellers with an audit trail that can notify when any suspicious or extreme activity is indicating cause for alarm. Many software platforms implemented into teller capture technology will detect everything from duplicate deposits to routing or account number errors, so customers can bank safely knowing their money is constantly being monitored.

Quick and Easy

Let’s face it; the best advantage teller capture provides for your customers is the opportunity to safely process checks as quickly as possible, without any confusion or effort. Not only will customers feel more confident with processing their checks, but tellers will also be more inclined to spend time focusing on maximizing their clients’ satisfaction. Eliminating the numerous obstacles associated with banking and efficiently reducing everyone’s time is the cherry on top when it comes to how teller capture improves the overall customer experience.

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